Jamaican Gold Irish Sea Moss (Raw, Wildcrafted) #irishsea
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Jamaican Gold Irish Sea Moss (Raw, Wildcrafted) #irishsea

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Sun-dried Jamaican sea moss - aka Irish moss - harvested with love from the Caribbean Sea, off the coast of Jamaica. This powerful superfood is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and is capable of address various health issues like thyroid malfunctions, intestinal disorders, joint problems, among others. Sea moss is loaded with rich fiber that makes it a mild and useful laxative. It can also soothe the tissues that are inflamed in the intestinal walls. The demulcent properties that the sea moss has, help in soothing the digestive tract mucous membranes. It also eases vomiting, gastritis, indigestion, dyspepsia, heartburn and nausea. Regular consumption of sea moss helps keep obesity at bay. Being a low calorie food item and rich in nutrients, it can make a great choice for all weight loss programs. Its prowess to absorb the moisture, improving its volume and fills the intestinal tract with its bulk material, thereby offering a fuller feeling to prevent you from binge eating and snacking. It also helps in eliminating waste by passing it along the gastrointestinal tract. The rich iodine content in it accelerates the thyroid function, energy and promotes weight loss. It can help in preventing skin inflammation, varicose veins, dysentery and halitosis. It is also known as a skin protector and softer, which works by nourishing the skin by maintaining its hydration level. The sea moss also repairs the skin from various issues like rashes, psoriasis, sun burns and eczema. Using Irish moss as a beverage or as a topical application will provide an excellent hydration effect in the long term. This seaweed also protects the moisture inside the cellular walls to prevent it from drying. It is rich in sodium and can give you a face lift when you apply the gel on your facial skin. HOW TO PREPARE YAGA SEA MOSS First thing first, to get the most out of sea moss, DO NOT ADD HEAT! If you wish to get ALL the benefits out of it, do not add heat. 1. First wash it like how you would wash rice. Wash it at least 3 times with a strainer or colander to get off the sand and salt residue from the sea. 2. Put it to soak in spring water. No pipe water! Use plenty water because the sea moss will absorb it. Make the water level 2 inches above the sea moss. 3. Refrigerate for 8-12 hours and it will swell to 3 times its size! So use a small amount of sea moss, because when you soak it will expand a lot. Make sure you refrigerate while soaking, sea moss is alive and left out at room temperature it will start to break down and rot. 4. After it soak and swell, blend it with fresh spring water until it is liquefied. Use immediately in your recipes or refrigerate for future use. It will turn to a gel after a few hours in the fridge. Use the gel in your smoothies, porridges, anything you can imagine. 5. OR, you can simply keep the whole soaked sea moss in the fridge and take out a little each time you want some to use and blend it and add to your recipes.


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