Far Away Galaxy Array Twirl Skirt #twirlskirt
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Far Away Galaxy Array Twirl Skirt #twirlskirt

Far Away Galaxy Array Twirl Skirt – Svaha Apparel

Space out in this planet-speckled skirt! Ever wonder what lies beyond our vast solar system which we've come to know and love? One type of distant spectacular specs are planets called exoplanets! Due to the blinding glares from the stars these planets orbit, it is difficult for us to detect exoplanets by telescope, so in 2009, NASA launched a special spacecraft that was able to scout some out by the use of the transit method. We wanted to share our appreciation of these outlying orbiters with this colorful combination of exoplanet clusters. Please note, the elastic waistband runs small so we recommend that you size up. Product Specifications   Flattering, 2-inch thick elastic waistband 100% Polyester Skirt features deep functional pockets Machine-washable Preshrunk Tagless


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